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45 Years of Experimental Rock Music & Culture

Eurock stands far apart in the world of fanzines as an authentic journal of the people, the bands and the ideas that continue to inform and shape the many forms of alternative music today. The 700+ pages of "Eurock, European Rock & the Second Culture" is nothing short of the definitive word on alternative, experimental and progressive European music... Hank/ Amazon

Archie Patterson may be a journalist covering musicians, but he is worthy of the title of Rock Star in his own right! Great book! Great subject! Great insight! Let's don't lose this magic!.....Lisa/ Amazon

Archie Patterson produces Music from Around the World.

He began Eurock on FM radio in 1971, published 40-issues of Eurock magazine beginning in 1973, ran Eurock distribution and record label from 1981 up until 2009. Today he continues producing music by independent artists from Europe and Russia as well as writing about the intersection and impact that music has had on culture over the past 65 years.

In 2013, Archive was contacted and invited to have his print publications and music production works included in the Archives of the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame to be preserved for posterity.

The Music of Gilbert Artman & Urban Sax: Eurock Eurock Book 4
Available in a Black & White Edition and a Special Color Edition

European Rock & the Second Culture: EurockEurock Book 1

Music & Second Culture Post Millennium: EurockEurock Book 2

Music & the Second Culture Crash: EurockEurock Book 3

Archie's show is on Fridays at 7pm (PST) and again on Sundays at 3pm (PST). This weekly program on HiLo Radio features 60-minutes of music showcasing the best in eclectic sounds & diverse musical styles by artists exploring both the Inner & Outer Spaces of Music from Everywhere.

background image photo: Urban Sax Archive